Action Lab: Lower Llobregat river, Spain

Local Partners and Stakeholders

Local partners involved in the action lab are:

Actionlab leader: CSIC – IDAEA (Spanish Council for Scientific Research - Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research) – Research organization.

CUADLL (Comunitat d' Usuaris d'Aigües de la Vall Baixa i Delta del Llobregat) - Water users’ association.

AB (Waters from Barcelona) - Drinking water company responsible for the supply of the drinking water to Barcelona and the surrounding area.

CPABLL (Baix Llobregat Agrarian Park Consortium) - formed by several administrations.

Other organisms interested in the project:

ACA (Catalan Water Agency) - basin water authority responsible for monitoring water quality and quantity, and elaboration of the River Basin Management Plans and the associated Programme of Measures under the provisions of the WFD.


PHS (Public Health Secretary) of the Ministry of Health of Catalonia - health authority dealing with water supply in the case study.


FCC AQUALIA SA - company in the FCC Group managing all the activities regarding the integral cycle of water.


Mercabarna - the wholesale market for the city of Barcelona and its metropolitan area.


Unió de Pagesos - major trade union of the low Llobregat County.


Bureau of Rural Infrastructure of the Catalan Goverment - in charge of developing plans and programs on agricultural and rural infrastructures and irrigation systems and of controlling their execution and results.


City of Molins de Rei.


WaterProtect Core Partners


WaterProtect Core Partner: VITO WaterProtect Core Partner: ILVO WaterProtect Core Partner: EWP WaterProtect Core Partner: CSIC WaterProtect Core Partner: ECOLOGIC


WaterProtect Core Partner: Geus WaterProtect Core Partner:  Inagro WaterProtect Core Partner: PIG WaterProtect Core Partner: Teagasc WaterProtect Core Patner: Università Cattolica