Launch Event for Policy Makers and Stakeholders.

6 December 2017 Brussels

Launch Event for Policy Makers and Stakeholders

The European Commission is investing almost 10 million euros from its research and innovation budget (under the Horizon 2020 programme) in two projects, FAIRWAY and WaterProtect, to deliver new solutions, proven good practices and innovative governance models to protect drinking water resources from nutrient and pesticide pollution.

WaterProtect: Launch event

FAIRWAY and WaterProtect held their launch event on December 6th 2017 in Brussels together with the key European stakeholders and Commission services. The launch event was introduced by Lara Passante from the Commission’s Research Executive Agency (REA) highlighting the important impact of both projects in bringing together research, stakeholders, farmers and citizens to have a positive impact on drinking water sources. The Water Task force, a joint initiative of DGAgri and DGEnv, was represented by Claudia Muresan, and has the task to improve the economic and environmental performance of farms and the long-term availability of water. Both projects will deliver important contributions and experience from their case studies and action labs to the Task Force, and will connect to activities of the EIP Water action groups and EIP Agri operational groups. The projects will also be very important for the drinking water producers according to Arjen Frentz from Eureau, referring to the Water Framework Directive and the ambition to reduce costs for water treatment.
Click here for the presentations of the launch event and the introductions to both projects.

Gaetan Dubois of the European Commission - DG Research & Innovation
Claudia Muresan, Policy Officer at the European Commission for Water and Agro-environmental affairs
Arjen Frentz, Chair drinking water committee at Eureau
Ellen Pauwelyn, Inagro (Actionlab Belgium), Paul Campling (VITO) and Willemine Brinkman from the Dutch Government Service for Land and Water Management
WaterProtect: Launch Event for Policy Makers and Stakeholders
WaterProtect: Launch Event for Policy Makers and Stakeholders
Gerard Velthof, Coördinator of the FAIRWAY project
Piet Seuntjens, Coördinator of WaterProtect
WaterProtect: Launch Event for Policy Makers and Stakeholders