Coming events

2018, February 20th

Second information meeting Bollaertbeek


WaterProtect Theme based upscaling workshop

2018, October


2018, November


2018, December



Best management upscaling workshop  & Regional policy conferences

2019, June


2019, October


2019, September



Past Events

2017, April 23th- 28th

The General Assembly 2017 of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) in Vienna (AT)

2017, June 13th-14th

Kick-Off Meeting WaterProtect project in Ghent (BE)

2017, June 26th – 28th

The Conference on sustainable management of nitrogen in Aarhus (DK)

2017, August 17th 

General presentation of WaterProtect at CKB WORKSHOP on Monitoring and modelling pesticide fate at the landscape scale in Uppsala (SE)

2017, September 1st

General presenation of WaterProtect at the Conference on Pesticide Behaviour in Soils, Water and Air in York (UK)

2017, September 8th - 10th

Presentation of Waterprotect at AgroPomerania in Wrzesnia (PL) at the booth of PGI

2017, September 22th

TOPPS: Water protection.
Water protection solutions for sustainable productive agriculture: Practical measures to meet EU policy goals. ECPA farm visit, Brussels area.

2017, October 11th - 12th

Agri Innovation Summit in Lisbon

2017, October 17th - 18th

CIS Working Group on Groundwater meeting in Nottigham

2017, November 8th - 10th

Hydrogeological Conference in Wojanów, Poland

2017, December 6th

Launch Event of WaterProtect Project in Brussels Area (in collaboration with the Horizon 2020 project FairWay)



WaterProtect Core Partners


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