WaterProtect presented at Agricultural Fair in Barzkowice (Poland)

WaterProtect presented at Agricultural Fair in Barzkowice (Poland)
Agricultural Fair in Barzkowice, Poland

8 September 2017

WaterProtect presented at Agricultural Fair in Barzkowice, Poland

The pollution of underground and surface waters by nitrogen compounds and its sources and the protection of water resources were the main topics of the workshop organized by the Polish State Hydrogeological Services (PHS) during the 30th Agro Pomerania Agricultural Fair in Barzkowice (Zachodniopomorskie Province).

The organization of workshop for local government officials, local administrations and farmers is an important part of WaterProtect.The first meeting for the Polish actionlab was held on September 8th during the Agro Pomerania Agricultural Fair in Barzkowice. It was attended by more than 20 people involved in environmental protection and agriculture.

Anna Kuczyńska and Marzena Nowakowska, specialists from te Polish Actionlab leader PIG-PIB, presented the issues that the WATERPROTECT project is devoted to. In the second part of the meeting, Małgorzata Woźnicka led a discussion during which participants explained the possible solutions for the WaterProtect challenges from their perspective. They drew the attention, among other issues on the problem of the illegal dumping of sewage waters into the river and the ground. The need for more rational use of fertilizers by farmers was also discussed.

PIG-PIB  also exhibited on its stand information materials on the prevention of water pollution with nitrogen compounds. The exhibition was very popular with visitors, including children for whom PIG-PIB staff prepared a nice nature contest. Also, local media were keenly interested in the issues presented by the state hydrogeological service.

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