The WaterProtect project is centred around action labs in 7 EU Member States

In each action lab, Water Protect’s local partners, actors (farmers advisors, NGOs, consumer organisations, water producers, environment agencies…) and stakeholders (farmers unions, plant protection industry, bottled water producers…) are engaged in setting up new governance and financing models, developing participatory monitoring . The ultimate aim is to achieve the effective implementation of best management practices to reduce water pollution and protect drinking water resources. The Action Labs will develop and use mobile apps and collaborative tools to visualize the impact of farmers’ behaviour on water quality.

Impact through communication

To maximize the impact, Waterprotect will adopt a dedicated communication strategy to the local actors. WaterProtect will widely communicate about successes, but also about bottlenecks and barriers to relevant stakeholders at the national and EU level. This will raise awareness about solutions that will be identified in the Waterprotect Actionlabs. To achieve this Waterprotect plans an extensive dissemination and communication campaign.

The Waterprotect project consortium hopes that a strategy for EU wide implementation -  linking the results with other similar innovative measures in agriculture for water quality improvement across the EU- can boost the transferability of results throughout the European Union.


WaterProtect Core Partners