Local Partners and Stakeholders

Local partners involved in the action lab are:

GEUS (Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland) is the national actionlab leader and leader of WP5. GEUS will together with UCPH lead the multi-actor process, develop improved system understanding required to identify optimal mitigation measures and contribute the development of participatory monitoring. GEUS
Copenhagen University (UCPH) will lead the investigating on best management practises and the most relevant water governance models with stakeholders and addresses the socio-economic issues. UCPH will design and carry out field studies and develop a hydro-geochemical model for the action lab to improve the system understanding. Together with GEUS, UCPH will also further develop the collaborative platform.  
Skive municipality , SK is responsible for developing the final design and implementation of the action plan in the area. SK is the key partner in establishing contact and arranging meetings between the local stakeholders and the waterworks and will be responsible for the contact to the general public in the case study area. SK will also participate in the collection of existing data from the catchment area. SKIVE

Landbo Limfjord, LL  is the local farmers advisory and will take active part in designing the action plan for the area to ensure a close link to the individual farmers in the area. LL will help collecting farm specific data and contribute with local knowledge to analyse possible alternative governance models and identify optimal mitigation measures as well as participatory monitoring schemes.

Lambo Lidfjord

WaterProtect Core Partners