Agricultural activities in the action lab

The landscape of Val Tidone is characterised by an alternation of vineyards, woods and typical villages. Val Tidone Valley covers about 4000 hectares of vineyards, whose height ranges between 100 and 400 meters above sea level.  The surface and ground water are used in the agricultural and zootechnical sectors.

There are 455 grape producers in the valley and most of them are members of the two social wineries*, “Val Tidone” and “Vicobarone”. 

The “Vicobarone” winerie is a supporting partner of the project, providing us the demoactivities and facilitating the survey activities with the farmers.
Tidone valley is a close and cooperative community with a uniqueness landscape and a very old viticulture tradition. The typical clay formation hills have a high risk of erosion. 
In the Valley, CANTINA DI VICOBARONE is considered a good environmental guardian thanks to the activities in which it’s already involved as: operators training, educational programs, open dialogue and relation with residents.


*understood as a grape producers association, through which farmers confer their grapes

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