Local challenges and water contaminants

The BMP’s that will be promoted will focus on the reduction of PPP’s in surface water. The BMP’s which will be promoted aren’t selected yet. The selection of the BMP’s will be based on:

  • The suitability of the BMP’s to prevent point sources and diffuse sources of pesticides based on previous work in other projects (Inagro) such as drift reducing nozzles, bufferstrips, management of remnant water, …
  • Cost effectiveness data for the environment available from the Flemish Environmental Costing Model for Water (VITO) for the basic and additional measures in the programma of measures related tot the WFD (nitrates)
  • Monitoring results

Examples of BMP’s which will be suggested to introduce in the catchement of the Bollaerbeek:

At farm level

At field level

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