Agricultural activities in the action lab

Occurrence of fertile soils and favorable climatic conditions make the catchment area intensively utilized in agriculture, nearly 96% of the area is agricultural land and forests occupy an area of less than 2.5%. In the catchment area plant production dominates - 86% of agricultural land is arable land, meadows and pastures - 10%, a large part of land is reclaimed, and drainage water flow to the melioration ditches or directly to the river. 
In addition to the production of crops including mainly cereals (wheat and barley) and industrial plants (sugar beet and rape), animal husbandry is also carried out in the catchment area. There is a large farm for cattle breeding, with 913 heads of cattle in 2016 and individual farmers owning 115 heads of cattle and a total of 290 pigs in 2016. 
There are 8 habitats in the catchment area of 2978 people (data of 2009) served by 6 municipal water supplies and individual wells drilled or dug. There are 3 wastewater treatment plants (2 mechanical-biological and 1 mechanical) which discharge water directly to the Gowienica or river ditches, some households have individual water treatment plants or cesspools.

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