Local Partners and Stakeholders

The project is being realized by a consortium comprising of three institutions:

The Polish Geological Institute: National Research Institute leads the project on a national scale. The main expertise of the Institute lays in environmental studies related to geology and hydrogeology, therefore it will be involved in all aspects of the project related to hydrogeology, water management, water quality  monitoring, legislation in field of water, but also it is responsible for development of the collaborative tool and dissemination activities.




The Westpomeranian University of Technology due to its location in the city of Szczecin has long history of studying the Gowienica catchment focused on nutrient transfer to the Gowienica River. In the Waterprotect research it will focuse on aspects related to water governance and water quality monitoring. Due to its long lasting cooperation with local people it will play an important role in communication with stakeholders as well as will contribute to participatory monitoring


Westpomeranian University of Technology


The Institute of Technology and Life Sciences is an expert in best management practices therefore it will mainly undertake tasks related to farmer’s activities within the catchment. It has also been invorlved in previous works within the catchment, therefore it will be involved in the participatory monitoring.


 Institute of Technology and Life Sciences


Apart from the above partners, the project has received support from the following institutions:

Westpomerania Farmers Advisory Board (ZODR) is a local farmer’s advirory institution working with local farmers on nutritional plans and implementation of best management pratices in agriculture.


Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection (WIOŚ) in Szczecin which is a competent authority for monitoring of water quality on national level under the Water Framework Directive and Nitrate Vulnerable Zones as well as monitoring of implementation of BMPs

Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection

Regional Water Management Authority in Szczecin (RZGW), which is a acompetent authority for water management in the area and the effectiveness of programme of measures.


Szczecin Water Services (ZWiK) - local drinking water company abstracting water from the Miedwie lake and supplying water to Szczecin)  
West Pomeranian Water Services (ZW) - state owned company responsible for the exploitation of water intakes, sewage treatment plants, water and sewage networks and the water supply in West Pomerania Voivodenship, including the Gowienica catchment area  
Warnice Borough – local authority responsible for an area of the Gowienica catchment.  


WaterProtect Core Partners